“I had hip and extremely sore groin pain in which I could hardly walk after being away for 2 months after kicking footy with my daughter before I left.
I found Scott after googling for a physiotherapist that was local to me but then when I seen he was mobile I was like this would be great!
When I called Scott and told him of my injury he knew it would be pretty painful so he made it that he could make it a Saturday morning for me which I was quite happy about and extremely thankful for!

After a few questions which ruled out any nasties it was time for the time on the table.

I was so happy as Scott never rushed at all and continued to get the best possible outcome.
To my surprise I could actually walk again and felt new again, which I thought would have taken a lot longer and a lot more appointments.
But thanks to the information Scott provided on the type of injury it was and the excises that I continued to do it has been successful!
I can’t thank the “Steve Irwin” of Physio enough!”
Ben – Jewells Lake Macquarie